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Learning Labs is an idea to enable Learners on latest and most innovative technologies which you can only get your hands on as a Vendor Partner Engineer or affiliate. We want to bring our Learning  community latest and greatest labs and Innovations. We want you to be always ready and be ahead of the game.

Cloudmylab’s Learning labs definitely gives your career and certifications a Jump Start.


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Who is it Designed for?

Learning Lab Caters to a Large Audience

Network Engineer

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CloudMyLab Learning Labs:

  • Learning Labs are highly customizable Physical Topologies that can be transformed into any logical lab and can cater to wide variety of certifications and technology vendors like Cisco, Palo Alto, Juniper, Fortinet and many more.
  • We liaison with Industries expert to help us build better labs. Our Product innovation team has mix of Sales and Technical engineers with varied level of certification from Associate level to Experts. We have several Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto,  Fortinet engineers.
  • The objective of the Learning Lab is to familiarize Learners with the product whether you have an upcoming Demo, or you want to get a quick hands-on before an interview or a deployment scenario you want to test.

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